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The Turners are just your average family living in the smallish town of Willow Creek.  Come with us to watch them on a voyeuristic journey through the everyday trials and dramas of life!

A little WARNING:  This blog will contain ADULT situations and language at times! In real life, I am known to swear like a sailor.  Though I try to keep that to a minimum in the writing here, not all of my characters do. Also-this story is my attempt at getting back to writing.  At first, it’s a little rocky!  If you can stick with it until around chapter 6 or 7, it starts to pick up.

The Turner Legacy will be a Sims4 Legacy story, though I don’t really follow the rules as such.  The focus is on the story, but I tend to use actual gameplay for inspiration whenever possible. You never know what those crazy sims are going to do! Also, I find posing to be a pain in the ass, so I avoid it at all costs.  Of course, the lengths I go to in order to get a shot that is perfect, but yet avoids me having to mess with posing…gets ridiculous.  Ha!  I love the idea of the long families, so I will try to keep this going for at least the required 10 generations, and longer if possible.  Succession will be the firstborn child, in the old- school way!